Meet our team

The team behind EIST

We have brought together a team of experienced and passionate educators.

Our highly-qualified teachers have been carefully selected because of their experience and expertise. Between them they have a collective experience schools across the globe. All of our teachers hold a university degree as well as a teaching qualification. Many of our teachers have gone on to take further qualifications to ensure that they have stayed up to date with teaching and learning. They have taught in various parts of the world. Our class teachers in primary and core subject teachers in secondary are all native speakers.

We are very aware that learning is often relational and emotional as well as a cognitive process. As such our experienced and well-qualified teachers take time to build positive student-teacher relationships and we have a whole school focus on wellbeing.

John Brewer

John Brewer

After spending almost 40 years working in a variety of countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the UK, Mr John is now at EIST in Tunisia. He has many years of experience in project managing and developing schools, designing systems and curriculum, and helping to develop the foundations for further and continued educational success.

Stephen Cooney

Stephen Cooney
Vice Principal

Having taught primarily in primary education in Kuwait, Vietnam, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Holland, and the United Kingdom, Stephen brings many years of invaluable international primary teaching experience. He has experienced and embraced many cultures, which have developed his understanding and appreciation of difference. He obtained his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Central Lancashire, a Master of Arts in Education (with Distinction), and government-approved teaching certification from Oxford Brookes University.

Lisamarie Murphy
Head of EYFS and Reception Teacher

Ms Lisamarie Murphy is the new Reception teacher and Head of EYFS. She is from Glasgow, Scotland and has lived in Tunisia for over 7 years now. She has worked in other International schools in Tunis and in Qatar, as well as Scotland. She has over 20 years experience working in EYFS and a few years working in leadership roles. Ms Lisamarie believe that EYFS is just a wonderful age group, full of energy and so much imagination, it really is the best age group to get to work with every day!

Hamida Boutrif
Head of Primary

Mrs Hamida boasts over 35 years' experience in the education field, having worked as both a teacher and a school director. Equipped with a certificate in pedagogical consulting, she has conducted extensive research in psychopedagogy and spearheaded numerous educational progress programmes. Her exceptional leadership extends across diverse sectors, having successfully navigated the Tunisian private system, the French system, the public system, and the English system.

Samiha Kallel
Head of Secondary and Arabic Teacher

Throughout her 24-year career as an Arabic language teacher in diverse educational settings, including Tunisian, French, and international schools, Mrs Samiha Kallel has demonstrated remarkable adaptability and a deep commitment to student well-being. Her experience extends beyond the classroom, with roles as an educational adviser and department head. Currently, she serves as the at EIST, where her leadership continues to shape the educational process.

Mohammed Souali
Language Coordinator

After dedicating six years to teaching mathematics and physics in French high schools, he embarked on a year-long backpacking adventure around the world. Drawn to humanitarian work, he spent the next ten years lending his expertise to various NGOs like MSF, ACF, and Handicap International, traversing through Sudan, Cambodia, Peru, and Tanzania. In 2000, he transitioned back to primary school education, enriching his career with diverse experiences across France, Vietnam, Tunisia, New York, Armenia, and Benin, both as a teacher and an educational advisor. This wealth of experience culminated in his position at EIST, which he began in November 2023. He holds a degree from the French Ministry of National Education along with a Master's in education and training engineering within multilingual and multicultural contexts.

Rihab Sliti
School Liaison Manager

Ms Rihab runs the office, liaising with parents, teachers, other staff, visitors and contractors. Before working at EIST, Ms Rihab worked at another school in our group and worked for a multinational hotel group. Ms Rihab has a degree in English.

Khaoula Ben Abdennebi
Admission Manager

Ms Khaoula has a background in admissions and a passion for helping families find the right educational opportunities for their children. She is committed to ensuring a smooth and welcoming admissions process for all prospective students at EIST, which offers a global perspective, academic excellence, and a supportive environment. Ms Khaoula looks forward to helping families discover the enriching educational journey that awaits their children within EIST's diverse and vibrant community.

Hanen Djebbi
Purchase and Office Manager

Ms Hanen is our purchase and office manager with six years of experience in the purchase department. She has a master degree in Biochemistry and License in quality control. She is passionate and dedicated to her work. She has a great quality in adjusting very well in every work space and she has a good relationship with all of her colleagues.

Nursery Teacher

Ms Shane teaching experience expands over 20 years in Africa and Europe. She has an Arts and Associates degree with a major in psychology. She taught in Nursery, Primary and Lower Secondary. She enjoys traveling and hiking.

Elaine Williams-Bilson
Year 1 Teacher

Miss Elaine is British and brings 13 years of teaching and middle leadership experience. She is extremely passionate about equality and diversity and has earned a Master of Education degree in these areas. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Diploma in (Primary) Teaching. Miss Elaine is enthusiastic about her role at EIST and engaging with the children in interesting and exciting lessons and after-school clubs. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, embroidery, nature walks, the theatre, and poetry.

Charlotte Braun
Year 1 Teacher

Ms. Charlotte has expertise in early education, child development and collaborative teaching methods. She is a focused and dedicated primary school educator with 5 years of experience and is passionate about educating children ages five to eleven using various activities and organizational tools.

Rebecca Jackson
Year 3 Teacher

Ms Rebecca comes from England and has been teaching . She worked for many years as a classroom assistant before starting university in The Netherlands then completing her Degree in Education in the UK. Ms Rebecca has previously taught in England and Ukraine and joined us from another international school in Tunisia. In her spare time Ms Rebecca enjoys long distance running and spending time with her dog.

Year 4 Teacher

Ms. Asma is a very experienced teacher both in the UK and Internationally. She is a specialist in English and was responsible for raising Literacy standards in her previous schools. She was also an Assistant Headteacher.

Michael Bowyer
Year 5 Teacher

Michael hails from the United Kingdom and possesses over 7 years of teaching experience, primarily in Russia and in the U.K. His passion for teaching ignited when he commenced planning and delivering training courses in a business environment. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, and the Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Alongside his teaching career, he derives enjoyment from cooking, maintaining fitness, and staying informed about international affairs.

Jacqueline Johnson
Maths Teacher

Ms. Jacqueline, a seasoned mathematics educator with over a decade of experience in secondary school and colleges in the UK. Holding a degree in Statistics with Mathematics and a postgraduate diploma in Numeracy, Ms. Jacqueline is dedicated to instilling a love for mathematics in her students. Currently pursuing a pre-PhD in Educational Research, she exemplifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovative teaching methodologies. Beyond her academic achievements, Ms. Jacqueline is a published Author who enjoys bringing creativity to the classroom. Her passion for mathematics, coupled with her engaging teaching style, promises to inspire and empower our students as they embark on their educational journey.

Raja Bouallegui
EAL Teacher

Ms Raja recently joined us as an EAL teacher. She has a degree in English and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Nottingham University. Ms Raja has taught at various schools across Tunis in the last 12 years.Ms Raja loves travelling, cycling and cares about the welfare of animals.

Kamran Saghir
Science Teacher

Mr. Kamran Saghir is an organized, reliable, and personable individual with over 10 years of experience in Analytical Chemistry. He possesses excellent interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic, demonstrated through his ability to develop and motivate others. An effective communicator, he excels at guiding projects to success through clear and concise written and oral communication. After completing a BSc Pharmaceutical degree, Mr. Saghir honed his analytical skills at Latis Scientific and Nestle. Inspired by a passion for education, he transitioned from the laboratory to the classroom, obtaining his PGCE and QTS from the University of Keele and completing his NQT at Moor End Academy in Huddersfield. Now in his 7th year teaching Chemistry at a secondary school, Mr. Saghir is dedicated to fostering a love for science in his students.

Hajer Baccouchi
History, Geography, and EAL Teacher

Ms Hajer is our new history, geography, and EAL teacher. She is currently pursuing her PhD in historiography. She has a master’s degree in English and historiographical studies and a major in political sciences from Science Po Paris. She is passionate about teaching using creative methods, and she has a love for humans, which is, she believes the essence of a teaching experience. She taught in different countries, and she is excited to teach at EIST!. She is also a part time drummer.

Yosra Baccar
ICT Teacher

Ms Yosra is experienced in teaching IT and performing engineering tasks in web and development IT throughout her professional career. She graduated in the IT 'A' Level from Westminster College and also has some international qualifications, including the First Certificate in English Language and the IELTS: International English Language Testing System.

Maryem Oueslati
French Teacher

Ms Maryem has done Scientific training with a master's degree in life and earth sciences and a research master's degree in genetics and bioresources, 4 years of experience in a Tunisian private high school as an SVT teacher and one year of experience in a Canadian primary school as a teacher of French, social sciences and mathematics.

Elyes Smaya
PE Teacher

As a P.E. teacher with 3 years of experience in international schools, Mr Elyes believes in the power of collaboration and strives to provide his students with the tools and opportunities to make a positive impact on the world.

Nesrine Hammami
Arabic Teacher

Ms.Nesrine is an Arabic Teacher at EIST. She has a Master degree In Islamic finance and a degree in Islamic civilisation. And she has certificates of different training about teaching , education , languages , PNL , She has been teaching for 7 years. She has experience of teaching different subjects Arabic , P.S.H.C.E , Islamic studies . She speaks 4 languages: Arabic, English, Italian and French . In her spare time,Ms Nessrine enjoys practicing sports , reading books, drawing and welfare of animals.

Mohamed Ali
Teacher Librarian

Mr Mohamed Ali works with children when they come to the library - assisting them in their choice of books and assisting the teachers by working with different groups of children when they are reading. Mr Mohamed Ali also works as a cover teacher during teacher absences. Mr Mohamed Ali has a Degree in English Language, Literature and Civilisation. Mr Mohamed Ali has previously worked as an English tutor and joined us after spending 4 years in various roles at a private school in Tunisia.

Mehnia Rezgui
Arabic Teacher

Ms Mehnia Rezgui has been teaching Arabic in different local and international schools around Tunisia for more than 12 years. She has a bachelor degree in English and International relationship.

Seima Neffati
French Teacher

Ms Seima Neffati is passionate about her work as a French Teacher, she has done research on multiple intelligences and reasoning with four years of experience in the educational field. She also has a Master's degree in new educational technology. trained in theatrical voice-ver text and she has a certificate in media journalism and a certificate in pedagogy Maria Mentessorie and robotics.

Thamer Abdellaoui
Year 5 Teacher Assistant

Mr Thamer has a deep passion for English literature. With a master's degree, he spent three fulfilling years teaching English to middle school students in years 7, 8, and 9. Additionally, he broadened his horizons by working as an ESL tutor for adults. Growing up in a household of educators, where both his parents are teachers, ignited his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher himself. In another enriching chapter, he spent two years working in an international school, where he further honed his skills and built an amazing experience in the dynamic environment of an international education setting. It's not just a profession for him, it's a calling rooted in a genuine love for sharing knowledge and fostering learning experiences.

Mohamed Ali Belaassir
Teacher Assistant

Mohamed Ali is the school librarian with a passion for fostering literary curiosity. Holding a degree in English Language, Literature, and Civilisation, he seamlessly blends his love for language with his commitment to education. With a background as an education assistant and English tutor at a French school for 4 years, he has honed his pedagogical skills.

Iman Mansouri
Teacher Assistant

Ms Iman has a Degree in English Civilisation and Culture and a Certificate in Human Rights and Cinematographic Techniques. She is currently studying for a Certificate in Childcare and Education from a UK college. Ms Imen previously worked as a KG and Primary teacher at other international schools in Tunisia. Ms Iman is a keen photographer.




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