Overview of the school

The English International School of Tunis opened in September 2021. EIST is located in a large building in Gammarth Road, La Marsa and has undergone a complete refurbishment to meet the needs of a school and its learners in the 21st century. EIST occupies a massive floor space of 10,000 m2. This allows EIST to offer pupils and staff premises of the highest quality. We have been particularly careful to use high quality materials, to plan for safe and secure pupil movement and to equip the school to the highest possible standard.

We combine traditional education with up-to-date pedagogical practices and use technology to support and enhance learning.

Proud Member of GSRD

The English International School of Tunis (EIST) belongs to the prestigious Rene Descartes Group, established in 1994. With over 2500 students across its schools and official recognition by the French Ministry of Education, the Group also partners with the Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger (AEFE).

Spacious classrooms serve as the core of our academic environment, complemented by a range of specialised facilities. These include sports halls, a gymnasium, library, art room, music room, language teaching rooms, and a science lab. And for our youngest learners, we have carefully designed Early Years classrooms to nurture their development.

Our core ambition is to provide the best possible education, fueled by stimulating and innovative learning environments. To achieve this, we craft a vibrant 21st-century learning experience that caters to all students.

While academic success remains a cornerstone of our program, we firmly believe in nurturing the diverse abilities and potential within each individual.

Therefore, we ensure every student has ample opportunities to develop not only the skills they need now, but also the adaptable skillset required for their future careers and aspirations.

Ultimately, we strive to ignite a passion for learning within each student, drawing inspiration from our high-quality teaching methods and fostering environments that allow individual talents and strengths to flourish.

As an internationally minded community, we cultivate a nurturing environment where learners not only receive support but also develop the attributes essential for becoming globally responsible citizens. To equip them with these attributes, we provide our learners with meaningful learning experiences alongside personalized feedback, guaranteeing that they always have a clear sense of their next steps in learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the heart of Gammarth, Tunis, EIST stands as a centrally located school. We boast an impressive building, redeveloped for 21st-century learning, with fantastic facilities and a dedicated, well-qualified, and experienced teaching team.

In a shrinking world, international schools empower our children to embrace the richness of cultural diversity and develop into active global citizens. Surrounded by peers from far corners of the globe, they acquire the skills and knowledge needed to navigate a complex, interconnected world, ready to make a positive impact on the international stage.

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and so gaining proficiency in English will help them to become a global citizen.  

Through a Cambridge education, students cultivate the essential skills for success in academics, higher education, and their future careers.