Lower Secondary

In Y7 to 9, the curriculum we follow is the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme. This builds on what the students have learned in Primary and builds towards the upper secondary programme. We deliver it in a way which will equip students with the skills and competencies which are needed in the next stage of learning and are required to flourish in life and prosper within a future labour market. Our curriculum scaffolds the learning experience for students in an adaptive and responsive way – meeting the needs of individual learners.

Lower Secondary Subjects



Global Perspectives




Upper Secondary

Y10 and 11

When students enter Year 10, they start on a 2 year programme which will culminate in them taking exams in the International General Certificate of Education (iGCSE). Some subjects are compulsory whilst students also have options about some of their subjects. An iGCSE course leads to the official examination which completes compulsory secondary education. It’s designed for students aged 14+ who want to enter the workforce, move to college or progress to A-levels before entering university.

Y12 and 13

Upon successful completion of the iGCSE, students aged 16+ will then move into Y12 and 13 where they follow a 2 year programme leading to Advanced Level Certificates (A-level). A-Levels are studied over two years, leading to qualifications recognised for entrance to higher education institutes in the UK and many others worldwide.

Offering an extensirange over 70 diverse fields like languages, sciences, humanities, and creative arts. While core subjects like English, mathematics, and science provide a solid foundation, optional choices allow students to delve into their passions, whether it’s coding intricate algorithms, dissecting Shakespeare’s sonnets, or mastering Mandarin tones. This flexibility fosters well-rounded individuals equipped to navigate the dynamic demands of further education and future careers.

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