Early Years

In Early Years the English International School of Tunis follows the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) stage from the English National Curriculum. Our classrooms are bright and inviting. We are committed to ensuring that children embark on their learning journey in a stimulating environment. Children have opportunities to learn through play and are encouraged to think inquisitively and cultivate their own ideas – developing positive relationships with adults and their peers alike.

What children learn

In the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, there are seven areas of learning and development, all of which are important and interconnected. These seven areas are divided into three Prime Areas and Four Specific Areas.

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical development

The Four Specific Areas



Understanding the World

xpressive Arts and Design

Within our nurturing embrace, your child’s well-being reigns supreme. Cutting-edge security systems, like watchful knights, stand guard, safeguarding every giggle and grin. Meticulously woven into our daily tapestry, robust protocols ensure carefree confidence in every step.

But safety transcends mere walls. Here, we cultivate a haven of inclusivity, where vibrant wildflowers of tolerance bloom against a backdrop of zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination. Every voice finds its melody, every difference celebrated, weaving a symphony of respect and acceptance.

In this fertile ground, your child blossoms, knowing they are cherished saplings, nourished by unwavering support. Trust us to guide their every step, for beneath our watchful gaze, childhood dreams take flight, unburdened by fear, forever marked by the indelible ink of love and unwavering protection.

We believe that every child deserves to flourish in a safe and nurturing environment, where their unique voice is heard and celebrated. At our school, your child will not only receive a world-class education, but they will also be surrounded by a community that cherishes them for who they are.

Admissions are open

We have opened pre-registration for 2023/2024